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DarkStorm Pre Workout and Post workout: Get Ripped body

May 8, 2016

DSN - pre Workout botalDarkStorm Pre Workout :- How we wish to have a great body which doesn’t feel tired when we are about to hit the gym, helps us to push harder when doing last push-ups, and still have the energy to come back and do the stuff we wish?

I am exaggerating a little. Might be, but when my coach said it is possible, I have the same reaction like you are having right now. He suggested me use DarkStorm Pre Workout and DarkStorm Post workout together for at least a month. And he claimed that I will experience more energy.

Excited as I was, I started consuming it.

What this combo is all about and what do they do, Questions like and more are answered below.


STEP 1:- What is DarkStorm Pre Workout and what does it do?

DarkStorm Pre Workout, is a supplement, needs to be taken before the workout to improve anaerobic activity. It multiplies the benefits of your performance in the gym to give you a physique you have always wanted. It is considered to be an important supplement to enhance your muscular strength and lean body mass.

Why do I need a pre workout supplement, one may wonder this. You are not the only one in this confusion rut. We all are. Let me tell you this. You need carbohydrates in the morning to replenish glycogen level which helps you in muscle protein synthesis and influence the aspect of growth and recovery.

This supplement is backed by the clinically proved ingredients which confirm that it increases muscle mass and improves the performance while doing resistance or strength training.

DarkStorm Pre Workout Trial

And how does it work?

What makes it the premium supplement in the market is its content list. All these ingredients in it have some or the other kind of muscle building components. It functions in the direction to achieve optimal results from your workout routine.

Creatine – Its benefits doesn’t just include muscle-building, it gets beyond, such as memory support and ability to protect cells. Thanks to this ingredient, which helps us to mark down the time we need to regain stamina after an intense workout. It’s a proven muscle builder too.

It creates cellular energy by creating ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which means more power to the muscles which activate muscle fibers to do better muscle contractions for better weight lifting.

L-Arginine – It is composed of amino acids which help in muscle protein synthesis which is great in activating human grown hormone (HGH). It targets insulin which directly influence muscle growth and testosterone.

Cayenne pepper& Ginseng – Don’t feel motivated to go to the gym? Thanks to this ingredient you will definitely want to hit the gym. It supports peripheral circulation which provides instant energy due to thermodynamic reaction


  • Vitamins – It contains Vitamins A, D, C thiamin, Niacin, Folic Acid, B6, B12, vitamin D and vitamin C. Isn’t impressive? It helps to breakdown the nutrients, carbs, and proteins.


You got the muscle size and strength to go to the gym DarkStorm Pre Workout and what happens when you come back home and you need a dose of energy. Yes for that you need to consume DarkStorm Post workout.

STEP 2:- DarkStorm Post workout

DSN - Post WorkoutWhat this is about and why should I consume it?

You know what happens when we reach home from the gym, we feel tired and feels empty in terms of energy. But we don’t realize this is the time when our body is recovering from the intense workouts. DarkStorm Post workout enters here to reduce the damage done to the muscles. For the next time, it supports and repairs the muscle tissue and also effective in reducing the muscle tissue damage. When consuming this at the night, you will have more energy in the morning to rebuild muscles. It delays the onset of fatigue and balances the fat metabolism. Ultimately, improves our physical performance.

DarkStorm Pre Workout TrialAnd what does it contain?

L-carnitine – Do you feel stressed out when coming home from the gym? L-carnitine will help you to feel relaxed and cope with the intense training. It reduces the muscle tissue damage and plus supports the recovery.

Niacin – You know what body needs to help in the recovery process? Something which helps the broken muscles to build together. It breaks down carbohydrate, proteins, and fat to help muscles to build up on their own.

How to consume?

DarkStorm Pre Workout and DarkStorm Post workout both comes in the bottle form and contains 60 tablets. I personally take one pill of DarkStorm Pre Workout when going to the gym and DarkStorm Post workout at the time of sleeping.

Is it recommeded?

Indeed yes, DarkStorm Pre Workout and DarkStorm Post workout contains all the well-researched ingredients which are further tested to prove its efficiency. I personally have managed to delay the signs of fatigue which was a major hindrance to my performance. Now I don’t have any problem in doing push-ups.

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