Gladiator Flashlights: Powerful Flashlight To Combat Darkness

February 15, 2017

FlashlightAt this time, every day several types of gadgets or devices are launched on the market. One of the most important gadgets that every person should have their own is a tactical flashlight. When the majority of options are available out there, it can be tough for you to find the best one. Now, you don’t need to go through this trouble as this detailed review would like to recommend you Gladiator Flashlights. It is a convenient yet strong gadget that combats darkness and emergency situation by working as a smart self-defense product.

This one is created with 100% safe aircraft grade aluminum that makes this tool highly useful for everyone. Unlike other typical torches on the market, this one is only designed for brightness but it can also use for self-defense that is the first priority of every person. Here is everything you need to make a right decision whether it is a great tool for you or not. Just go further to explore more about its features, benefits and performance.

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Gladiator Flashlights- An Overview!

According to the creators, Gladiator Flashlights is world’s one of the best and coolest tactical flashlights. When you turn this tool on, it will be easier for you to see anything even darkest places. As earlier mentioned in the review, this one is made with aircraft grade aluminum that is basically utilized to build real aircraft. There is no shortage of flashlights those run on C or D batteries which are not only dim, but they do not work for a longer hours. Instead, this advanced flashlight runs on AAA batteries, so it runs for a long time without any hassle.

This particular device is light-weighted that can be simply carried anywhere and anytime. It has been specifically utilized by those people who wants a brighter flashlight such as a fireman, hunters, policeman, and survivors. Best of all, this convenient gadget protects you during the most emergency situations. Grab one for you to combat all the darkness around you and your loved ones.

Let’s have a look at all promising features!

  • Created with aircraft grade aluminum

  • SOS mode functioning (flashlight turns on and off immediately to alert emergency services)

  • 6.6 inches extended length and 5.1 inches compressed length

  • 1 to 2000x zoom capacity and versatile focus beam

  • 800 lumens of light output

  • Advanced XPE tactical LED with 100,000 hours of lamp life

  • This tool is 1.1 inches wide at the base and 1.37 inches wide at the top

What are the drawbacks of this tactical flashlight?

  • Gladiator Flashlights is not intended to be used as a toy

  • This flashlight is not available in the retail shops

  • Immediately return it, if the seal missing or damaged from the pack

From where can I get this tactical flashlight?

Well, Gladiator Flashlights is an “Internet Exclusive” product so that user can only buy it through an online order. To place your order, you just have to click on the given below banner and the ordered product will be delivered at the given address in 3 to 5 working days.


How is it better than other typical torches on the market?

Well, it’s highly advanced and beneficial that make it better yet popular among many people all around the world. Gladiator Flashlights is a far better than simple torch because it does not only made to illuminate your area, but it can also use for safety purpose. Here are listed all the incredible benefits of this tactical flashlight:

  • This product has various focal modes which already mentioned above. These modes will ensure your safety and protection during any type of situation. The user can employ these modes as per their needs.

  • The experts used aircraft grade aluminum that is a high-quality grade material and protects this device in the most rugged situations.

  • This flashlight has advanced LED technology so that user can use it for long hours without any problem.

User’s feedback!

Samantha Says “I would like to recommend Gladiator Flashlights flashlight to all my friends and family members as it is a light-weighted and handy tool.”

Johnson Says “I spent a huge amount on worthless torches but didn’t get satisfaction. Then, one day Gladiator Flashlights came into my life as a true blessing. It helped me to see in the darkest places. I am happy with the way it works!”

How many modes in this flashlight?

Well, this tactical flashlight comes with five advanced modes- SOS, strobe, high, medium and low that you can use as per your requirements.

Can it perform for a long time?

Of Course Yes! Gladiator Flashlights runs on 3 x AAA batteries that can easily perform for a long time without any hassle.


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