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Telltale Signs That Your Skin Is Giving Into Premature Aging!

September 29, 2018

Aging is a natural process, but premature aging is not! This is the result of our negligence towards the skin. As we all know, skin is the most sensitive part of our body and therefore it needs more attention than any other organ.

There are certain signals different body parts give you when in trouble. The same goes true for skin. Skin aging too alerts you by showing certain symptoms. Check them all out here, that we’ve gathered for you:

Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Having some wrinkles is pretty normal unless they increase rapidly! A lot of sun exposure, dirt & pollution are the major causes of premature aging.

Thinning Of The Lips: The older you get, the lesser will be the collagen production in the body. Apply sunscreen on your lips as well to keep them plump.

Losing Volume Around The Face: Shrinking jaw bone, widening eye socket, loss of fat compartments make your face look like a bony structure. These are all signs of aging.

Dull & Dry Skin: This is the initial stage that many of us ignore terming it as a usual affair. But this ignorance might cost untimely aging to your skin.

Brown Spots: These generally appear on the most exposed parts of the skin as a result of damage caused by UV rays. Stress, vitamin deficiency, genetics can also be blamed for this.

Overly Veiny Hands: People usually don’t care for their hands as they do for their face. Your saggy, veiny hands speak a lot about deteriorating skin health.

Deep Vertical Lines Around The Mouth: This skin area might turn yellowish with its surrounding skin getting thickened.

Premature aging is bad for your skin heath. The natural process of aging is far better than this one. Keep a tab on the skin changes and you can effectively stall it untimely entry into your life.

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