Top Most Benefits Of Drinking Water For Joint Health!

September 29, 2018

Joint pain can be a distressing and a debilitating experience. It restricts your mobility and is discomforting. If you have sustained an injury or are suffering from an autoimmune condition like arthritis, there are chances that you have been prescribed several medicines to relieve your symptoms.

Is there an easy way out? Yes. Drink water. See below how it affects your joint health for the better:

Some Benefits Of Drinking Water?

With all this going on, you might be overlooking a simple yet essential factor, Water! Everyone is aware of the benefits of drinking water. It keeps your immune system and your cells strong, fights kidney infections, keeps your skin clear and things, ticking over.

On an average, a person should consume eight to ten glasses of water. What people are not knowledgeable about is how water can impact your sensitivity to joint pain. If there is a magic elixir, it has to be water.

How Does It Affect Your Joints?

The first thing to understand is the function of cartilage. Cartilage is the connective present on the surface of joints which acts as a cushion between the bones. It absorbs shocks and eases friction. The pain in the joints begin when your cartilage damages or weakens, which eventually leads to pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

More than 50% of your cartilage is made up of water. So, it becomes even more important to consume water if you are suffering and reviving from joint damage. Cartilage is kept lubricated by a gel-like fluid called synovial fluid and water supports the production of synovial fluid.


However, it is important to remember than drinking water alone cannot solve your problem and in some extreme cases, conventional medicine, or even surgery will be necessary. However, water can relieve mild symptoms of joint pain, back ache, and rheumatism.